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What Happens if Something Threatens Our Health?

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Other than the staff in a hospital emergency room, who actually expected to be in that room today?

​Are you or one of your family members expecting to be there?​​​​​

We all know what a lottery is, but do you know how a reverse lottery works and how it can help you in your time of need.

If insurance were to be invented today, as though it never existed before, what might it look like?

Here is the viewpoint of a lady on a bench.

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Video: The Reverse Lottery

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Why Living Benefits are important to everyone.
Why you should be concerned.

Why worry ?  You have long term disability coverage (LTD) through your company, you say. 

It is not as simple as that!

I met my wife in 1990.  At that time, she was employed by a very large insurance company and had all the usual employee benefits – including what she believed was good long term disability coverage.


My wife had excellent work ethics, worked overtime and was a very conscientious employee with glowing evaluations from her supervisors. She was approaching her 25th year of employment when her world came crashing down around her.


“A number of years earlier, she started to suffer from a lot of body and muscle pain. She was diagnosed with a life-changing medical condition, Fibromyalgia. Although not life threatening, the condition meant she was about to experience physical, emotional and financial turmoil beyond her wildest expectations. To this day, she still suffers from pain and tightness in her body, 24 hours a day. She has tried all types of exercises, meditation, seen many doctors, tried alternative treatments as well as trying CBD oil. Nothing has helped.


Only two weeks before her 25th anniversary with the company, she couldn’t function any longer and was obliged to file a long term disability claim.  Her employers reassured her that she would be well cared for and her priority was to “take care of yourself”.


Two years to the day of receiving her first LTD cheque, her coverage was terminated.  A clause in her contract stated that she would be considered disabled from her ‘own occupation’ for two years, and then would be expected to return to work to do any available job.  However, her condition made it impossible for her to return to work in any capacity.  She lost her position, her income, her pension plan and health benefits, and any chances for advancement.  She was devastated.


We found out that her employer had her followed by a private investigator, who videoed her performing regular, daily activities. Together we spent well over $50,000 seeking medical as well as legal options, causing more distress.


If someone – even her employer – had explained to her that she needed to purchase supplemental long term disability insurance that would take over when her company benefits ceased, her lifestyle and peace of mind would be very different today.


This is why living benefits are so important to me. Do not take things for granted. You are not as protected as you may believe.


Contact us at info@qtrsolutions.com or call to arrange a consultation. We will do an evaluation of your employer benefit program and provide you with a no-obligation appraisal of what you actually have, so you can protect yourself for the future. 


David Engel