Long Term Care

Do you want to make sure you have the care and money you require to be a client rather than a patient when you require long term care?

Long Term Disability

Do you have a money machine to protect your number one asset?

Business Survival

Can your company survive the financial shock if a key individual suffered a critical illness?

Employee Benefits

Not everyone in a company is treated equitably. How does your company stack up?

Long Term Disability

Is your company Long Term Disability program protecting you like a leaky umbrella?

Sharing Defined

We live in a heavily taxed world and it is the bottom line that counts.
Senior Couple

A Living Benefit program is extremely important and should be seriously considered for your long term financial well-being.

There is a program which can be customized for you or your company’s situation. The program will give you the funds to allow you, your family, or your business to do what is required without affecting your traditional sources of income. Contact the professionals at QTR Solutions for details.

Family Coverage

Do you want your family to have the financial resources to spend time with each other in case of a critical illness?