My daughter asked me a question:  Can she purchase something which will pay for either my care or for her to take time off work to look after me? 


There are four types of crises looming ahead of all of us as families are no longer as cohesive as they used to be.


There is the emotional crisis for children taking care of older parents who are living longer; there is the financial crisis of this galloping straight at us.


There is the crisis for the spouse or partner who will now have to give their total life and resources to take care of someone else and at the same time there is the crisis looming for those to provide for themselves as well.


What happens if or when care giving is required for two or more family members at the same time?


Are you prepared as it can and does occur?


Governments cannot cope with the ever-increasing aging population and the strain they are currently putting on the public system. What do you expect will happen in the future?


In 2013 the largest cause of employee absenteeism is eldercare and it will only get worse.


Most boomers want to maintain their independence and not be a burden to their children or relatives. Sadly, however, 1 in 5 will develop some form of dementia in the not-too-distant future.

The chances of a male, age 65, requiring care at some point is 1 in 3, for a female, age 65, the chances are 1 in 2.


What do boomers fear the most? – Outliving their money and finding the proper care they will require as they age.


“Old age” now spans a period of 20 years or more.


In 1945, we had 42 tax-payers per retiree.

Soon we will be down to 2! 

With two tax-payers per retiree, how can the government provide what you are looking for?


•  Between 2006 and 2026, the number of seniors is  
  projected to increase from 4.3 million to 8.0 million*


•  The number of individuals aged 65 to 74 will almost
  double, from 2.3 million to about 4.5 million*


•  The 80+ age group is the fastest-growing in Canada; 
  this group will nearly double, rising from about
  500,000 in 2006 to about 900,000 in 2026* and
  600+ people turn 65 every day*


      *Statistics Canada 2006-2007

Almost 50 percent of those over 65 will need long term care during their lifetime.


Studies indicate those most likely to need care are those whose bodies remain healthy but develop dementia.

Do you honestly believe the government will be able to look after us?


If we need care – do we want to be a patient (accepting whatever the government offers) or a client (obtaining what we want and need)? Remember the majority of the retirement living complexes are “for profit”.


Assisted Living or Long Term Care –
Do we need it?


Which do you need more?


Your home insurance? 1 chance in 1,200 of making a claim;  

Your car insurance? 1 chance in 240 of making a claim;

Your long term care insurance (for those over 65) – 1 chance in 3 of making a claim.


Assisted Living or Long Term Care –
Do we need it?
you answer the question.


Is it expensive?  It may be, but it’s not nearly as expensive as leaving your family and yourself exposed to the greatest financial crisis coming straight for us.


When should we do something about it? –
As quickly as possible.


We can help provide some answers.

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Are you a caregiver or a future caregiver?

Being in a caregiver role can be stressful, painful and emotional as well as financially draining.

Mother and Daughter

Assisted Living or
Long Term Care

Do we need it?