Doing Homework

5 Questions
to Ask Yourself

1. If your spouse or child suffers a prolonged illness or medical condition, how much time can you afford to spend with them?  

What if it happens to you?


2. How can you guarantee your income for a year or two, tax-free, so you can spend the time with them or have someone spend their time with you, and let you use the funds any which way you want, no questions asked?

3. If you had to hire a caregiver or medical person for a loved one or yourself, where would the extra money come from?

Do you assume the government or your employee health program will pay for all the medical procedures or drugs you require?

This is not true!


4. How much of a strain will it be on your family or lifestyle if you had to pay out $300 - $1,000 or more per month, for medication or medical procedure which your health programs do not cover?

5. Americans experience major financial difficulties because of health care costs.

Are you assuming it does not happen in Canada?

It does!

Anyone who has had a major health problem knows how devastating and disruptive it can be – for them, their career and their family.

Bonus Question:

What will you have to give up to live on a reduced income if you became disabled, had a critical illness or required assisted living care?


  • Cable TV?

  • Vacation?

  • A Vehicle?

  • Dining out?

  • Cell phone?

  • Family home?

  • Or other lifestyle necessities?


Does it not make “cents” to make sure you have the proper financial tool in place to look after your emergency when, not if, it arises?