Living Benefits

Our Most Important Asset is Our Health!

During our childhood and throughout our education, it allows us to have fun - to learn - to grow to experience the joys of life.

During our working years, it allows us to do what we want to do – to accumulate assets- to have a life (whether alone or as a part of a family).


During retirement, it allows us to enjoy what we have worked so long and hard for – to be independent and do whatever we wish.


Our Team

With a combined total of over 70 years experience in the personal, corporate insurance and financial industry, we at QTR Solutions can help you with all your needs.

David Engel, clu​


David Engel is an advisor in individual and group insurance, group pensions and investments. He has specialized in living benefits for the past 10 years. 

After growing a family business, David began working with a major financial company in 1971. He earned his CLU (Chartered Life Underwriter) in 1977.  

Further to David’s credit, he created many presentations and concepts to explain the intricacies of deferred taxation plans within the life insurance industry. Among these are The Estate Bond and the Generation Transfer Bond.

David has given many seminars and presentations relating to the tax deferral nature of different financial products, a crucial service for business owners and families who wish to transfer their assets from one generation to the other.  Lately he has become a strong advocate for what is referred to as living benefits.


In 2003, he co-founded Engel-Chevalier Wealth Protection Inc., whose mission is wealth engineering strategies in the area of safeguarding assets on transfer from one generation to the next.

David’s interest in living benefits is a profoundly personal one:  when his mother suffered a stroke and his father became the principal caregiver. Although the family hired additional help, the financial industry did not provide programs to help defer these expenses. David and his family saw his father’s lifetime of work and savings being used for caregivers.

Sadly, the saga continued. After David’s mother died his father moved to a long term care facility. He remained in the facility for 4 years and then spent 9 months in a medical facility where the family provided additional help to the staff. At the end, extra money from a long term care program would have helped save some of the funds used for David’s parents’ care.


Tim Landry 
consultant- living benefits


Tim Landry specializes in what are commonly referred to as “Living Benefits” (Disability, Critical Illness and Long Term Care Insurance) since 1969.  What is more important though is what he has seen and experienced  – in his own family – what it is to NOT be protected, because the products /concepts which COULD have protected them did not exist when his family needed them.

Tim lost both his parents to cancer – his Mother (pancreatic) and Father (lung). Critical Illness insurance would not have saved them – he doubts anything would have – but it would certainly have eased their last days.

His brother survived a head-on collision – combined speed about 120 mph – on Easter Weekend, 1988 – only to get Hepatitis C from the blood transfusions, which saved his life.

Tim’s passion is to help people make INFORMED decision. ANY decision YOU make is the correct one for you – IF YOU UNDERSTAND THE ISSUES!
This is Tim’s role – he will do everything HE CAN to help you make the decision you and your loved ones are happy with and to not experience the traumas he did.



"Due to stress at work and at home with our Bi Polar son,
I suffered a "burn out" and was unable to function properly for about
8 months. That was stressful enough.
Thank God I had proper Disability Insurance to allow me to pay my bills so I did not need to deal with that stress as well."


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